Expert vehicle repairs on the Sunshine Coast 

My mobile mechanic car on road

    Keep it clean…

    There are no grease monkeys at My Mobile Mechanic.

    If you are looking for a team you can trust to carry out vehicle repairs and servicing at your home or place of work, you have found them. Our mechanics will always treat you, your property and your vehicle with the highest levels of respect and courtesy. We will always endeavour to keep any noise and disruption to a minimum because we care about your neighbours too.

    Our technicians know that the job isn’t completed until the cleaning up is done, so you won’t be finding any greasy handprints anywhere inside or outside of your car. You won’t be left to deal with an oil slick on your driveway either and any waste products will be safely collected and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. In fact, the only way you will ever know we were there at all is by the quality workmanship we leave behind. 

    Expert electronic fault finding

    Today’s modern vehicles are highly reliant upon electronic systems to take care of everything from the audio system to engine management. Most systems have the ability to log faults and advise the driver via dashboard warning lights. Occasionally, a management error may cause the vehicle to run in “safe mode” and it will be noticeably underpowered and rough running.

    The technicians at My Mobile Mechanic are equipped with the very latest state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment that is designed to find faults with your vehicle’s on-board hardware. Many faults only require a reset and can be carried out with the same equipment. If a component has failed or further repairs are required, our technicians are then able to access the information needed to find the source of the problem.

    High quality vehicle repairs

    My Mobile Mechanic provides onsite service for all types of vehicle repairs and maintenance including:

    • Engine repairs
    • Brake repairs
    • Steering and suspension
    • Clutch repairs
    • Transmission and driveline
    • Fuel injection
    • Electrical
    • Management systems

    Vehicle servicing

    If you want to get the best out of your car in terms of reliability and performance, you should have it serviced regularly. As fuel prices continue to rise, routine maintenance becomes an even more crucial issue in the fuel economy equation. Our technicians at My Mobile Mechanic can carry out a basic lube service and safety inspection to keep your car running at its optimum performance and economy.

    For just $149.00*, our technician will change your engine oil and filter as well as carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle to make sure everything is safe and sound.

    $149.00 *includes mineral oil up to five litres. 4WD and luxury / European vehicles may be extra. 

    For quality vehicle repairs on the Sunshine Coast, call My Mobile Mechanic on 0422 318 513.

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